It’s a fact that all buildings start to age, and when exposed to the harsh Perth sun and cold, wet winters, the aging process can be accelerated, leaving your buildings pride and joy, the facade cracked, peeling and looking dated.

Repairs to a building facade should be part of general building maintenance. With the continuous trend of building higher multi-level buildings, many facade repairs can only be done with a rope access system.

At David Tuck, we have refined our approach to rope access and can assist in various facade repairs and building maintenance tasks. Our rope access systems are easy to deploy and perfect for narrow, high-rise buildings or areas with difficult access.

Facade Inspection Services

David Truck provides highly specialized facade inspection service using site-specific rope access techniques offering an efficient and cost-effective way to perform hands-on visual inspections when required.

We assist architects and building managers with initial surveying to compile detailed inspection reports on building conditions, structure integrity or specific issues.  We can also provide photographic evidence to support our findings.

Perth’s best high rise window cleaners

Trust the team with 30 years of experience

First impressions are important for any business; a building with dirty or marked windows can instantly damage that impression. We have decades of high-rise window cleaning experience and have the real-world experience and equipment to tackle the tallest building in Perth.

There is nothing more important than safety.

Every high-rise rope access engagement contains a very high risk level, which is why we understand that safety is paramount at David Tuck Rope Access. We care about our staff, our clients and the general public, which is why all of our equipment exceeds the recommended standards and all of our team is extremely experienced.

Customer Reviews

“I spoke to Sam I told him what I needed and by when. I received exactly what I asked for, within my timeframe and within my budget. David Tuck are trustworthy guys who will go out of their way for you. Excellent”


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