Visual Inspections

Visual inspections form a part of any building maintenance and management program. Depending on the building height, inspections might need to be performed by a rope access specialist such as David Tuck Rope Access.

Why it is important

We understand the complexities of high-rise buildings and tall structures and how regular inspections can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Detailed inspection reports can assist with discovering potential problems, as well as detailing a current issue that might need attention.

No matter how tall or limited access your building may have, we have the equipment to inspect and provide a detailed report to support informed decisions. Rope access visual inspection is a cost-effective method for inspections and maintenance.

Rope Access Inspections

Rather than using suspended scaffolding, hydraulic boom lift or crane that blocks traffic, rope access inspections are less disruptive and a much more cost-efficient method to search for defects and issues with large and tall structures. The team at David Tuck Roep Access can provide a turnkey solution.

We are one of Western Australia’s most experienced rope access experts and can provide visual inspections of any high-rise structure. Rope access inspections aren’t limited to buildings but can also be used on offshore oil rigs, storage tanks, and high-rise machinery such as cranes. We provide rope access assistance and rigging to support inspections for structural engineers, architects, developers, builders, general contractors, and facilities management companies.

Customer Reviews

“I spoke to Sam I told him what I needed and by when. I received exactly what I asked for, within my timeframe and within my budget. David Tuck are trustworthy guys who will go out of their way for you. Excellent”


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